Force Lightning

Force Lightning
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Force Lightning (Int)
Dark Side Force Skill; Requires the Force-Sensitive and Alter feats; Trained Only

Call upon your hatred, anger, etc. to use the Force to blast electricity out of your fingertips (or equivalent body part, for different species).
3d8 energy damage within 5m
4d8 energy damage within 10m
5d8 energy damage OR 1d4 wound damage; Range: 10m
6d8 energy dmg., 2d4 wound dmg., OR 1d4 ability dmg.; Range: 15m
7d8 energy dmg., 3d4 wound dmg., OR 2d4 ability dmg.; Range: 20m
8d8 energy dmg., 4d4 wound dmg., OR 3d4 ability dmg.; Range: 20m
Using this skill gives the player a Dark Side point.

The player may divide the energy damage among a number of targets equal to half of the number of dice he is rolling, rounded down. He must set aside a number of his damage dice to each target. For example, someone dealing 5d8 damage can divide this damage between 2 targets (5/2, rounded down). He may deal 2d8 to one and 3d8 to another, or 1d8 to one and 4d8 to another. In the same manner, he may divide his wound dice, except that he may divide it among as many people as he has dice (3d4 damage may be divided between 3 targets, at 1d4 each.) However, for both wound and energy damage, the player may only attack targets he can see easily (in front of him and within 45 degrees to each side, for a total of 90 degree target area).

A player may take 10 when making this check, but he can’t take 20.

If the victim(s) are not Force-sensitive, they must make a reflex save, DC 25. If they fail, they take full damage and are knocked to the ground. If they succeed, they take half damage. If a victim is wielding a lightsaber or other weapon that can easily absorb the attack, his reflex save DC is decreased to 10. Also, a successful reflex save with such a weapon will negate all damage.

If the victim(s) are Force-sensitive, they may make the above reflex save, or they may make a Force Defense check. This Force Defense check is a reaction. This check is compared to the Force Lightning check. If the Defense check wins, the victim takes half damage. If it wins by 5 or more, the victim may negate the attack.

If the Defense check wins by 10 or more, the victim may choose to throw the attack back at the original Lightning user. Now, the original lightning user would have to make a reflex save, DC 25, or a Force Defense check against the original victim’s Force Defense check. The victim will not normally receive a Dark Side point for reflecting Force Lightning. The lightning will deal the amount of damage that the attacker assigned to the original victim. The Force Defense user may divide the Force Lightning as outlined above.

If the victim has the Dissipate Energy feat, he may make the appropriate Fortitude save after their Reflex save or Force Defense check.

If the player wishes, he may use any effect that would require a lower result than he got, and use the corresponding lower vitality cost.

Time: Attack action
Vitality Cost: See above chart.

Force Lightning

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